Fmod Listener doesn't work

My application(game in SDL) uses FMod library. I’ve a problem with the 3D Listener position(it doesn’t update for some reason). I change the attributes every single frame and call System::update() also, but it doesn’t work. If i put an audio in a position it works(I hear it from the left or from the right depends on the start position of the audio). The problem is when i move the player(who changes the position attributes of the Listener) and it does nothing.
Update of the player be like:

AudioEngine::getInstance()->getSystem()->set3DListenerAttributes(_listenerNumber, &_attributes->position, &_attributes->velocity, &_attributes->forward, &_attributes->up);

Update of the system:

_system->update(); //_system → System instance

Also i set up the 3D Setting in the System and Channel.

Have you tried checking the FMOD_RESULT that all FMOD functions return? If there is a problem then this will give you an idea of what it is.

Are you getting anything in the output log? (While using the FMOD logging library).