FMOD + Mingw + Windows x64 + DevC++

Hi guys.
I’m trying to use FMOD here but I’m having a crashing problem…
I’m using gcc so the code is written in C-like way. The code compiles but when it runs, crash!
I’m linking the fmod64.lib and fmod64_vc.lib and have the dll’s on the .exe file paste.
Someone have any ideas? Thanks. The code:

#include “FMOD/inc/fmod.h”
#include “iostream”
using namespace std;
int main()
FMOD_SYSTEM* system;

return 0;


It should be just a matter of telling GCC “-lfmod64” which links against the 64bit DLL.

Hi. I know everybody here is just using Unity, but I really need to do it with DevC++ and I’m having problems when the program runs (although it compiles fine)

The steps I did till now:
1 - included the “fmod.h” file
2 - included the “fmod64_vc” lib
3 - put the “fmod64.dll” file in the same directory of the program
4 - code: FMOD_SYSTEM* system; // I’m using c++ compatible functions (otherwise it doesn’t runs)
5 - code: FMOD_System_Create(&system); //here makes it crash when run

Can someone give me some tip?
My PC config: windows 10, intel, x64