FMOD Perforce Sync is extremely slow

Hi, I searched for answers, but related posts are over 5 years old. (The suggestion was to use legacy integration – is that still the recommendation?) I am using FMOD 2.02 with p4v on a mac and the process is debilitatingly slow. I must be doing something incorrectly. I don’t see the hidden files in my directory that are said to impact performance (I think I removed them).


Yes, the recommendation is still to use the legacy integration, as it should be faster than the regular integration. If using the legacy integration doesn’t improve things enough for you, can I get you to provide some more info? Specifically:

  • Your exact FMOD Studio version, including the minor version number (i.e. 2.02.xy)
  • Whether your built banks output directory is located outside of your P4 workspace (common when using Unreal Engine)
  • A log from the FMOD Studio Console with “Show verbose logging” enabled where you try to perform an operation with the Perforce integration