Versioning FMOD projects with Perforce

(Franca Bittner) #1

Our sound designer got problems when editing the FMOD project (.fspro) that was saved and connected to our Perforce Server. FMOD got very slow and eventually crashed when trying to copy assets to the asset folder via drag-and-drop.

We added the following stuff to our depo:

  • .fspro-file
  • Metadata-folder
  • Asset-folder

If we added asset files by pasting them into the asset folder of the current fmod project, the process was faster. But as soon as you tried to actually use one of the assets for an event, FMOD took a long time for computing again… it seems like FMOD automatically marked the files for add or checked them out (depending on whether the files where “new” to FMOD), even if they had already been added to the depot.

But why should it take so much time to do that? Did we make something wrong with versioning the project?

(Franca Bittner) #2

Meanwhile we decided to go offline and only version the built banks. But I’m still interested in this issue.

(リチャード清水) #3

Hi Franca,

We are working on improving the speed of importing assets when in a source controlled project for a future release. Could you please try using the Legacy Perforce integration and see if you are getting better results there?


(リチャード清水) #4

Hi Franca,

Did you try using the Legacy Perforce integration? Did this help?