Different ways to upload FMOD into P4V(perforce) and Unreal. What's your preferred method?

How do you personally do it?

I was using FMOD through Unreal then uploading to Perforce for a few months, but now that there will be 2 of us working with FMOD we’re a bit confused on the different ways of connecting to Source Control.

1.) I understand you can connect FMOD directly to P4V, in which case the entire FMOD Studio file also needed to be uploaded to P4V. It would then upload it to Perforce every time I saved. This was a bit cumbersome and from what I’ve heard some developers keep the original FMOD file on their own computer.

2.) Is there a way to upload only the .Bank files and keep them revised each time. From what I remember they can be uploaded but not connected to be auto revised, it left the original .Bank files each time I uploaded a new one, and began to pile up. Someone mentioned a way to force delete old files, as *Mark for Delete wasn’t doing the job.

In the second case would multiple people be able to keep their own folder of .Bank files?

Are you using FMOD Studio’s built-in perforce integration, or are you checking FMOD Studio into Perforce using P4V?

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The first sentence states I was using Perforce to check it in.

This question seems to be frowned upon and hard to get an answer for, yet I’ve searched extensively and can’t find any kind of clear answer for it :confused:

We at Firelight Technologies can only provide support for the software we make, and not software made by other companies.

If you are having issues using Perforce and are not using FMOD Studio’s perforce integration, we recommend contacting Perforce Software, Inc.: https://www.perforce.com/support