FMOD project size

Hi there,
I’m working on a full game for which my FMOD project is now exceeding 8GB. This is despite the fact that the Audio Assets only add up to around 1.5 GB. Is there any way to clean up or cut back the total size? I know it won’t be important when I build the game in Unity, but it just seems excessive, as if it’s getting bigger which each FMOD build.


Is 8 GB the size of the built banks, or of the entire project including both built banks and source assets?

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

That’s the size of the entire FMOD project. Most of my audio assets are 48/24, but are then compressed to OGG when built for the game.


It’s gone up a whole GB since posting this message. I haven’t added any assets, but I have been mixing so have rebuilt many times. The Build folder says it’s only 378 MB. The large data that I’m describing must be hidden because if I GetInfo on any of the folders none of them appear to be the culprit.

Thanks in advance.

There are a number of hidden folders in an FMOD Studio project. All of them start with a period (".") and can be safely deleted as long as the project is not currently open.

The .cache folder contains cached files used to speed building, and deleting it may result in a substantial reduction in your project’s size. The removed files will be automatically replaced the next time you build your project. If your project is still smaller even after deleting this folder and rebuilding, the folder must have contained stale cache files no longer needed by your project.

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This is excellent! I had about 8GB in .user
The new build too much longer first time round, no surprises there, but is now only 2GB.
So much easier to upload!
Great to have these secrets. Thanks!