How to reduce Mobile Build Size of an Android Game made with Unity/FMOD

Hi, I want your help with the next issue.

I implemented audio to a unity game that is made for mobile devices (Android, IOS), before the FMOD implementation the game size was 300MB approximately (build Android Size)

After migrate all audio assets the game has increased their size to 950MB (Build Android Size)! I want ask to you some tips that I can apply in order to reduce the build size.

Currently the sum of all my banks is 159MB, so I don’t understand why the game is so big in build size.

Pic of my current Bank Structure:

FMOD Studio Version is 2.02.06

FMOD Integration Version is 2.02.04

Unity version is 202.1.8f1

Thanks in advance!!

That is surprisingly large, my suspicicion would be that your FMOD Studio project or some other large files are in your Streaming Assets directory. Can you please open up the APK and see what’s in the “assets” directory? You can open an apk by renaming the extension to “.zip” and unzipping it.

You was right! in my assets directory there was a large zip file that shouldn’t have been there, thanks for your tip!

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