What is included in banks?

So I read the documentation about banks and that they include all data (including sample data) that are associated with them.
Is this true? Because my fmod-project is around 600 MB, the Master Bank (my only bank) is only around 30 MB. How does that work? And do other people who want to use my project only need the .bank files to run it (for example to integrate it into unity or ue4).

Hi Jonas,

The FMOD Studio project will contain all the raw audio files you in the project. At the time of building banks two things happen:

  1. Only the assets needed by an event assigned to a bank are bundled into that bank. You can check in the Assets Browser for any assets tagged with “#unused”. These assets won’t be included in any banks.

  2. All the audio assets are compressed based on the settings of the platform in the Preferences > Build settings. By default, this is usually Vorbis at 37% for Desktop.

I’m not entirely certain about your last question. In order to play the events from your FMOD Studio project the FMOD system in the game needs the bank files. Other members of the game dev team don’t need the FMOD Studio application installed to play events in the game, only the bank files (and the FMOD integration in the game).


That was helpful, thank you.