Fmod / Protools sync using "Jack"

Hi guys

Very new here.

Does anyone know the program “Jack”? it’s supposed to transfer midi and audio information between (I think) all DAWs if needed.

Not sure how that works or if I misunderstood something. But anyone here familiar with it and has an idea if I can make that work between protools and FMOD? Would be pretty sweet :slight_smile:


There are known issues with using Jack and FMOD, specifically if the bit versions are mismatching.

What are you hoping to do between Protools and FMOD?

Hey Richard,

Looking into it again I’m not sure how beneficial it can be. At least in it’s current form.

What would be a dream time saving feature is the ability to record in FMOD. Aside from using my studio mic for Foley recordings directly into FMOD, I can also use it with Jack for example to sync protools and FMOD together, arm a track in FMOD to record directly from protools in time since most complex editing for most sound designers (as far as I know) happens there - most probably because of protools easy editing features and audio suite.

That being said, something like audiosuite in FMOD would be amazing :smiley: if that can happen and we can use our plugins on sounds in FMOD then goodbye protools from game audio designers! :slight_smile: