FMOD Reverb Send Parameter in UE4

This may be more of a UE4 question, but here’s what I’m considering:

Reverbs that are triggered by AHDSR are usually fine, but are slightly unrealistic in that there is a threshold where the AHDSR is triggered, as opposed to slow fade based on distance from the reverb source.

I’d like to create an audio volume similar to UE4’s attenuation shapes but with a different functionality: am attenuation reverb send that is based on the players distance from a shape.

Crossing the inner shape would be your maximum send value, and the edge of the outer shape would be no send. I have already created a reverb snapshot with an exposed send parameter that I can drive in UE4, but I’m not sure how to approach creating an audio volume that functions like this. I also considered using UE4s existing attenuation shapes to drive a parameter, but I’d have to alter them somehow in order for the attenuation shapes to generate a float based on player position within the shape.

I’m also open to a solution more within FMOD using FMOD’s built-in distance parameter- maybe by placing a reverb ‘event’ in Unreal, measuring the players distance from it and using that to drive a reverb send (though with this solution, every reverb shape would inherently be circular).

Any thoughts on this would be helpful! Thanks!

It seems you already gived us some good solutions! Did you eventually choose one?

Not yet, though I’ve got a few ideas as to how to proceed. I’ll update with any news