Attenuation not working correctly

Hello everyone, we’re using UE 4.26.1 AND fmod 2.01.09

Our attenuations for a weapon system are not working correctly and we can’t figure out why. They have the default curve and a fairly big distance, but the sounds are not decresing in volume. However, we also have a reverb automated with the distance, and that seems to actually be working.

The blueprint that controlls this looks like this:

It is a gameplay cue that determines which weapon and parameters is the character holding and then execute the play event if everything seems fine.

We’d really appreciate any help, thanks!

Could you also show your FMOD event? Especially how the spatializer and the event min/max distance are set.

By the way, your Play Event at Location doesn’t look like mine. I don’t have the “World Context Object” pin (I’m on UE 4.26.2 and FMOD 2.02.03). What is it for? Mine is like this:

Hello Alcibiade! Thanks for your response!

This screenshot shows how the attenuation is set for the sound we’re testing:

The reverb’s wet level is also automated to increase with the distance. What we can hear is that the sound plays the same from 0 to more or less 100 units of distance. Then, it does change and decreses in volume a bit and has some reverb to it but the levels don’t change at all until the 200 units distance is reached. After 200 it can’t be heard at all. So there’s a spot where you can hear it clearly, and one unit after, not at all.

About the World Context Object, I don’t know why it looks different. Maybe because we’re using a GameplayCue and the Gameplay Ability System for this event? For what I understand about it from the documentation, it’s to reference the world object that is emiting the sound. In this case, we’re pinning it to the character so the sound is associated with the character.


The culprit may simply be the reverb wet level automation, which compensates the spatializer attenuation. Bypass the reverb to check that point.
By the way, have you tested your event 3D behavior in the overview pannel?

The 3D preview? Yes, and it behaves very differently than it does in gameplay. I don’t think the reverb is the problem, because of this

The next step would be to do a live update session, to visualise in FMOD Studio what’s going on (event coordinates, parameter values…)