Fmod snapshot doesn't stop

(Pavel) #1

Hello, I am going to use snapshots to mute and unmute music volume. What I found is that “muting” snapshot works, i.e. it mutes music, but corresponding event instance never stops (it has FMOD_STUDIO_PLAYBACK_PLAYING state) and hence it is never released. Of course, I call release() function to schedule release of the event once it stopped.
Even after calling update() function situation remains. It can only be solved after I manually call stop() function for the event instance. As a consequence when I call “unmuting” snapshot nothing happens, music remains the same muted. Could you pls advise on this? What can be the problem here?


(リチャード清水) #2

Hi Pavel,

That is the expected behaviour. Snapshots are a kind of event, but their behaviour differs slightly.

The release() function will remove event instances from memory once they have naturally finished. In a normal event situation, this is when there is no sound being produced, no instruments are triggered, and no transitions/loop regions exist beyond the point of the playback position.

In a snapshot, you can’t place instruments or produce audio, so if it was treated like a regular event it would constantly “finish” when called. So instead, snapshots remain alive until they are explicitly told to stop.

I hope this has given a bit more insight. Let me know if you need more info.


(Pavel) #3

Richard, thank you for the answer. Now everything is clear.