Im trying to set this speaker mode on the lowlevel API that comes along with the FMOD Studio Programmer’s API.
This enum is not defined in the lowlevel API (FMOD STUDIO), but it is defined on FMOD EX API.

Is it possible to get PRO LOGIC or SRS sound using the FMOD Studio Programmer’s API ?

On the FMOD Studio Programmer’s API help in the overview section there is a subsection called “SRS Surround sound” wich says that you can do that “use System::setSoftwareFormat with FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_SRS5_1_MATRIX as the parameter”.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks so much for your time Brett.
I managed to get 5.1 surround sound through a stereo signal.
Just as you said: setting the mixer to 5.1 , setting a stereo output in the soundcard/OS and having an external decoder with Prologic 2.

Its not trully 5.1 since my decoder treats the back speakers as one channel when using Prologic 2 so you can not notice wich side the sound is comming from with the surround speakers.

Anyway it is awesome.

By the way, is FMOD capable of outputting compressed digitial audio, something like Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS?
I have noticed all pc games I know outputs 5.1 analog channels but none of them are giving compressed digitial audio, so for those who are using external decoders like me, plugging them with coaxial or optical outputs can only have an stereo signal.
Game consoles do have dts or dolby digital. Im not an audio expert, not even an amateur but could you tell me why??

Thanks FMOD is awesome

FMOD doesn’t include a Dolby Digital or DTS encoder, it can only pass Linear PCM to the operating system.

On consoles the operating system has the necessary encoders to compress the signal before passing it over coax or optical.

Some PC soundcards have drivers that include DD or DTS encoders.

For SRS, It should separate the signal for rear right and rear left - what sort of signal are you playing and how are you positioning it?

Yes, if you set the mixer to 5.1, then have a stereo output device, it will automatically use SRS by default.
There is also a flag FMOD_INIT_PREFER_DOLBY_DOWNMIX which chooses PL2 from dolby instead of SRS if you want that.

FMOD Studio does everything automatically now. There’s not much reason to use SRS or PL2 if you are mixing in 5.1 and the output is 5.1 or 7.1, it just passes it through.
If the user uses a stereo setup in the audio settings of the operating systems, then it will be used.