FMOD Studio crashes When I add a new parameter

Hi, everyone!

I’m currently using the latest version (as of now) of FMOD studio, 1.10.13. Whenever I add a new parameter to an audio track, it’ll bring up the window to name it and set values, but when I go to create it, FMOD crashes every time.

I’m on an iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6, and my machine’s specs are more than enough to run FMOD. Does anyone have any ideas? I found another thread on this topic, but the solution (an app that mimicked a numpad on a keyboard if yours didn’t have one) didn’t apply to me.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue. When I try adding a new parameter to an event in FMOD Studio version 1.10.13, no crash occurs.

I therefore suspect I must be missing some important detail of what you’re doing when this crash occurs. Could you describe your flowflow in more detail?

Hi, Joseph!

Thanks for trying. I’m actually just learning FMOD myself, so there isn’t much workflow to speak of. I’ve been taking some online courses and using the attached demo project to work along with the lessons, and in that project, making a new parameter in any event of any kind crashes things.

But if I start my own new project completely from scratch, make a new event, and add a parameter, same deal.

However, while I tried updating/downgrading to different versions, a complete uninstall and then reinstall of the latest version fixed things. Unsatisfying, yes, but hopefully that’ll work for others having this issue. : )


Well, great! Uninstalling and reinstalling FMOD entirely fixed the issue for about a day, but now I’m back to the same problem. Making a new parameter causes a crash immediately; either FMOD crashes instantly and closes out on its own, or I end up with it just being unresponsive (rainbow wheel until I Force Quit).

If anyone has any ideas, that would be great! As I said above, I don’t have much of a workflow yet as I’m just learning FMOD in general. I’ve read somewhere else that non-standard mac accessibility software like Karabiner can cause this issue, but I don’t have any installed.

Thuan’s replied to your e-mail on this topic, and will continue working on this issue.

To save duplicating the rest of this discussion in two different places, I’ll end this thread.

I have the same issue. Any solves?

On Macintosh computers, certain crashes are known to be caused by custom accessibility applications (e.g.: Karabiner, Teleportd, and DisableMonitor), or by certain non-default accessibility settings. Some users have reported that restarting their Mac or reinstalling FMOD Studso resolves the issue. If you have Karabiner installed, we recommend updating to a newer version, as some older versions were known to cause crashes when run at the same time as Qt based applications.