FMOD Studio Developer Preview 0.1.4 (UPDATED Nov 29 2012)

i have no sound in fmod studio,
No soundcard preferencies! i have 2 soundcard in my workstation but no sound out…
ill try the examples but nothing.

please implement a correct sound preferencies, i use different setups for 5.1 and stereo. thank you

19/10/12 0.01.01 - Patch release

  • Fixed crashes when importing Designer project/workspace
  • Fixed fade curves copying when doing a multiple sound copying and pasting
  • Fixed writing of callstack in log on Mac
  • Fixed crash reporter not showing when fatal error is encountered on Windows
  • Fixed minidump not being written correctly on Windows

29/10/12 0.01.02 - Tool Patch release

  • Fixed crash when deleting a module from a copied AudioTrack if there are fade
    curves for the module.
  • Fixed crash when executing an action (e.g. delete) via keyboard shortcut while
    altering dial value.
  • Fixed not being able to automate stereo pan dials.
  • Fixed crash when copying and pasting multisound module with playPercentage set.
  • Fixed bug in importing of Echo effects from a Designer project/workspace.
  • Fixed potential issue with automation curves when importing Designer
    project/workspace with event having multiple similar effects on the same parameter.

29/10/12 0.01.02 - API Patch release

  • Fixed distortion when the distance between 3D sound and the listener is greater
    than the maximum attenuation distance.
  • Fixed memory leaks when playing a persistent event and triggering sounds via
    parameter changes.

9/11/12 0.01.03 - Tool Patch release

  • Made Designer importer more robust against duplicate guid (by generating
    replacement id).
  • Fixed occasional crash when in Open Recent on Mac
  • Fixed issue where corrupted Studio project resulted in a crash dialog instead
    of an error dialog indicating the cause of the failure.
  • Fixed Autopitch modulator changing a sound’s pitch when adjusting its region
    (bug introduced in 0.01.02)
  • Fixed autopitched sounds not changing pitch beyond the region’s initial start
    and end positions after being loaded from file (bug introduced in 0.01.00)

9/11/12 0.01.03 - Patch release

  • Fixed a linker error when using EventInstance::setPaused

Fails to install on my OSX 10.8.2. Could you please confirm?

Fails to install on 10.6.8 AND 10.8.2.

“The following disk images couldn’t be opened: fmodstudio00103mac-installer.dmg reason: not recognized”

Apologies for the spam before - bots got past the Q&A, i’ve changed it now and it has stopped.

The mac installer has been updated now and should work ok.