FMOD Studio Developer Preview 0.2.3 (UPDATED Feb 19 2013)

Download FMOD Studio Developer Preview 0.2.3 here (UPDATED Feb 19 2013)

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Welcome to the updated FMOD Studio developer preview. This post is to explain what this means, and what is included in this release and what is missing/yet to come.
We will work over the next few months to get all planned functionality in.

New features in this release!
+ Added mixer snapshots:

  • Snapshots set overriding changes in the global mixer
  • Snapshots can be prioritized within the browser
  • Entire strips can be selectively scoped in to snapshots
  • Each property in the mixer can be scoped in individually
  • Snapshot modules can be added to events to trigger snapshots
    + Added sub-events:
  • Sub-events are events that can be triggered and positioned independently
    while being routed into a master event
  • Sub-events appear as inputs in the master event
    + Added music features to the Event Editor:
  • Tempo markers can be placed on the Timeline
  • All sound module now have a Trigger Behavior drawer to control
    delay/quantization as well as conditional activation
    + Added Team Foundation Support (TFS):
  • The Microsoft source control solution can now be used natively from within Studio.

And more!

  • Added 360 and iOS support
  • Added channel ordering settings for meters
  • Added units to random modulators when modulating properties which have a
    linear response
  • Improved zoom range for Timeline and Game Parameters in the Event Editor
  • Added Bring to Front and Send to Back menu items for regions
  • Added audio file auditioning functionality to Audio Bin view.
  • Added “Identify Local Changes” to source control context menu.
  • Added “Loop Playback” setting
  • Added shortcut keys to toggle hiding of view areas
  • Remember cursor position after playback
  • Added Routing Browser window
  • Added support for stepping in to nested events via breadcrumbs
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to launch/activate windows
  • Added support for loading project with invalid Audio File and Mixer Return references
    (e.g. missing reference due to certain multi users scenario)
  • Added Return Bus groupings in “Add Send” Effects Deck context menus
  • Added ability to drag Return Buses from mixer routing views onto the Effects
    Deck to create new Sends
  • Added ability to specify units in text entries for properties
  • Added ability to enable manual checking out of events and speciying whether to lock them
    on checkout.
  • Added ability to double-click fader to reset the value
  • Added editable value labels to range sliders
  • Some improvement to load time of large projects.

Hey y’all,

Happy new year and congrats on the 0.2.0 Dev Preview!

I went looking for the Tag Browser mentioned on page 95 in the documentation but have been unable to locate it.

Which brings up two questions:

Is the Tag Browser implemented?

If yes, how can I access it?
If no, is it still being planned?

I’m enjoying following along with the incremental development, keep up the good work and keep focusing on the future of game audio!



From the Window menu, select the ‘Event Browser’ menu item. Then, in the window that appears, click on the ‘Tags’ tab.

It may seem a little hidden away, but we decided that since you’re unlikely to use it every session, having it always appear in the Event Editor window would clutter the interface.

EDIT: Incidentally, you can search for events by tag in most browser search bars by typing “#” without the quotes. “#ambient”, for example, would find all events with the “ambient” tag.

Excellent, thank ye kindly!

New update!

11/01/13 0.02.01 - Studio Tool update

  • The File->Export GUIDs… command now writes a GUID lookup function
    definition to GUIDLookup.c (in addition to GUIDs.txt).
  • Fixed crash when attempting to submit event with new nested event
  • Fixed crash when copying and pasting bug related to plugin effect
  • Fixed Distance and Angle parameters not being created properly by live update
  • Fixed crash when deleting a snapshot from the mixer
  • Fixed crash when importing Designer project that has reverb defs.
  • Fixed bug when copying event sound with automation track adds them to the
    containing event instead.
  • Fixed crash when copying multiple sounds with cross fade and automations.
  • Fixed bug in TFS where renaming a newly added event on a new session resulted
    in error on save.
  • Fixed crash when trying to submit snapshot changes.
  • Stopped Studio from shutting down at sturtup when the audio playback device
    is not available
  • Improved the saving procedure such that it only back up files that will
    be changed/removed instead of cloning the entire project. It also now try
    to restore the project files on save failure.

11/01/13 0.02.01 - Studio API update

  • Studio API - Fixed Distance and Angle parameters not being created properly
    by live update
  • Fixed reverb effect generating denorm floats after silence

18/01/13 0.02.02 - Studio Tool patch release

  • Added support for Designer to Studio autopitch on sound def instance migration
  • Added “Move To…” and “Move To Cursor” commands for modules
  • Added “Move To…” command for automation points
  • Addded “Set Color” menu bar item
  • Fixed displaying of AHDSR values for snapshot intensities
  • Fixed crashes when renaming items if no source control has been setup
  • Fixed major bug where saving a mixer return that has sends would destroy the
    effects chain
  • Fixed major bug where saving project with side chain that are connected to compressor
    on the mixing desk would result in a crash when reloading the project.
  • Fixed bug where Studio will report failure to check out element (e.g. event)
    if the element has previously been renamed.
  • Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly reports failure to delete event on
    save/sync and merge/sync, merge and commit action if the event already exists
    in source control and has been previously renamed by user before deleting.
  • Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly checks out global reverb when an event is
  • Fixed bug where Studio incorrectly checks out tag when an event is deleted.
  • Fixed bug where pasting to tracks was not always available via the menu bar
  • Fixed Designer to Studio migration so that it takes into account the audio
    source directory of the project (using the PC’s setting at the moment) when
    working out a suitable path for the shared audio directory settings.
  • Fixed bug where Studio failed to derive the correct path for audio in Designer
    project if the project uses the audio source directory settings.
  • Fixed crash when reverting changes (i.e. deleting events) on project during
    the same session the changes were made.

18/01/13 0.02.02 - Studio API patch release

  • Studio API - Added FMOD_STUDIO_INIT_LIVEUPDATE flag to make Live Update optional

! Studio API - Changed .bank file format - ALL BANKS MUST BE REBUILT
! Studio API - Changed function signature for Studio::System::initialize, added

  • Studio API - Fixed an internal error on instantiating a VCA when not all of
    the mixer strips it controls are loaded

15/02/13 0.02.03 - Studio Tool patch release

  • Added Sound Scatterer module
  • Added Event Sound references
  • Added support for drag and drop to Banks Browser
  • Added individual and multi-selection building of Banks
  • Added editable label to modules in multi-track
  • Added submit key file mechanism to Studio such that only one user to allow to have
    the submit dialog up at a given time.
  • Improved error reporting for building Banks
  • Fixed crash bug when copying and pasting
  • Fixed audio source file in Audio Asset not getting checked in on submitting
    a newly added audio file
  • Reduced memory usage for properties
  • Fixed false negative when Studio incorrectly report failure to mark files
    for delete when in actual fact it did succeed (TFS only)
  • Fixed intermittent crashes when undoing removal from ordered relationships
  • Fixed a bug where banks can never be deleted. (banks will reappear once project
    is reloaded)
  • Fixed crash bug with trying to submit a subEvent.
  • Fixed potential bug with restore point trying to restore files from previous
    restore point in the same session
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of save failure should one fail to obtain lock
    for pending changes. The changes would have been successfully be written to disk.
  • Fixed bug in sync merge and conflict where we are retrieving the incorrectly
    base revision for merging which lead to a project corruption due to missing
    mixer input. (TFS only, happens when one user makes modification to event and
    event has been deleted by another)
  • Better handling of renaming and modification merges (Studio should now merge
    modificated files to the renamed destination if exist) (Tested on TFS)
  • Fixed entering “-oo” when editing decibel levels
  • Fixed bug that caused ADSR and Random modulators to stop working on pasted
  • Fixed crash when attempting to submit if an event/mixerbus has more than 2
    invalid references of the same type.
  • Fixed bug where Studio deletes audio file xmls from the project even though
    user did not explicitly do so and audio files are still in used.
  • Fixed bug where Studio reported false negative after successfully renaming
    a mixer input when renaming an event. (TFS only)
  • Fixed incorrect upmixing when multiple buses are routed to a bus
  • Fixed crash when reloading files if the files introduce new instances of
    plugin effects with automation.
  • Fixed crash when importing Designer project that has 2D event with 3D Pan
    Level envelope (Studio now ignores these envelopes since they are disabled
    in Designer).
  • Fixed 3D Panner gain when min and max distance are equal
  • Fixed bug when copying EventSound with automations on parameters.
  • Fixed bug when copying tracks with EventSounds.
  • Fixed bug where Studio wasn’t checking in deleted mixer input files
    for event sounds (TFS only)
  • Fixed crash when attempting to use Sync, Merge and Commit (SMC) if synced
    files has changes to effect chains.
  • Improved Perforce Source Control setting panel to display any error in
    establishing a connection.