FMOD Studio Developer Preview 0.1.4 (UPDATED Nov 29 2012)

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Download FMOD Studio Developer Preview 0.1.4 here (UPDATED Nov 29 2012)

FMOD Studio for Windows
FMOD Studio for Mac

FMOD Studio API for Windows
FMOD Studio API for Mac

Welcome to the FMOD Studio developer preview. This post is to explain what this means, and what is included in this release and what is missing/yet to come.
We will work over the next few months to get all planned functionality in.

Major features included in Studio at this point

  1. Multi Track Editor with timeline, browser, effect deck, metering.
    –1a. single sound/multi sound, events within events, sound scatterers, audioweather realtime weather synthesis.
    –1b. 2d & 3d panner interfaces, automation by parameters, modulators, pre and post fader effect placement (on a track, or the whole event - ie the ‘master’ track).
    –1c. iZotope and McDSP effect support (some of these are currently disabled we’ll get this back in in the next few weeks)
    –1d. Side-chaining (currently supported by FMOD Compressor effect)
  2. Mixer interface
    –2a. sends/returns, VCAs, solo/mute, effect deck, metering
    –2b. realtime mixing while connected to game (requires runtime)
    –2c. iZotope and McDSP effect support
    –2d. Side-chaining (currently supported by FMOD Compressor effect)
  3. Pro DSP effects - AudioGaming AudioWeather, McDSP, iZotope (some of these are currently disabled we’ll get this back in in the next few weeks)
  4. Perforce support - per event check in/ check out.
  5. unlimited undo/redo
  6. Control surface support - comes with Nucleus profile.

Major features still to come

  1. Mixer snapshots - trigger mix and morph mixer snapshots from timeline etc. (coming Q3 2012)
  2. Interactive music features (coming Q4 2012)
  3. Profiler - scrub through game history, debug event triggers and parameter changes. (coming Q1 2013)
  4. Localization and platform functionality. (coming Q1 2013)


Looks like this version doesn’t work with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - can you confirm that?


Same problem! Do we need to update?

Please don’t make us update… :cry:

This was an accidental setting in the compiler for studio, we should have another build with the fix by the end of the day (AEST)

Alright! Thanks.

Working mostly fine for me on 10.6.8 now.

Any chance you’ll release the API download for OS X down the line? I’ve been helping run a game audio club at New York University for the past couple of years, and we generally favored teaching FMOD since (aside from the benefit of an uncluttered interface) both Designer and the event API were available on both Windows and Mac.

cool - we just updated to 5.00.01 now with some more fixes. Yes - we’ll release a mac OSX API very soon. We’ll be releasing an initial tranche of platforms, this will include 360, ps3, mac, linux

Fails to install on my OSX 10.5.8. Could you please confirm?


Its set to 10.6 minimum right now, but we’ll look into it.

I’m having trouble with nested events. I guess I’m not sure what exactly triggers a nested event to start playing (or if I have to press play on all of them?). Also, it seems that once “Higher Level Parameter Control” is automated as outlined in the manual, the nested event’s parameter stops responding to changes made in the parent event either from the timeline or a parent parameter… and changes made to a nested event’s parameter from within the nested event are never reflected in the parent event window. There’s a lot of really cool potential here, but I can’t seem to get it to work as I would expect it to. This wasn’t explicitly pointed out in the “known issues” part, so I figured I’d ask.


new update - for the runtime

14/09/12 5.00.02 - Patch release

  • Optimized mixer to be 20% faster in some cases.

! Studio API - Changed .bank file format - ALL BANKS MUST BE REBUILT

  • Studio API - Fixed panning different in game to tool
  • Studio API - Improved performance of event playback containing mono/stereo tracks

for Studio

14/09/12 5.00.02 - Patch release

  • Fixed UI issue with automation curves not displaying correctly when an Event
    is first viewed
  • Improved UI performance in the Event Editor and Mixer

Nested events begin to play when the parameter cursor enters their modules in their parent events.

This is working as intended. While Studio’s interface does not yet support it, you will eventually be able to nest multiple instances of the same event in different places throughout your project. An event module represents a single instance of the nested event, and each such instance has its own parameter values. The event editor window that opens when you double-click on an event module edits the nested event as a whole, and not any specific one of its instances, and therefore does not alter the parameter values of any particular event instance. For the same reason, changes to the parameters of a specific instance of a nested event will not be reflected in the nested event’s event editor window.
If you do want to change the parameter values of a specific event module, select the module and adjust the dials that appear in the Deck.

We recognize that the differences between a nested event, its instances, and its modules are not made clear in the current Studio interface. We’ll fix that.

Event multi sound play with no sound fixed same problem :frowning:

I’m not sure I understand. What was the problem, and how was it fixed?

Hi hotelsinus,
Sure we will add this. What operating system are you using? Just set the sound card you want to be ‘default device’ in control panel. Right click speaker icon in try, choose Play Back devices and use the list of devices to set the default. Setting the speaker mode (using configure) will automatically set Studio to the same speaker mode (ie 5.1)

  • Second Developer Preview release
  • Added copy and paste for audio tracks, return tracks and effects
  • Added copy, paste, and delete menu items and shortcut keys
  • Added zoom in, zoom out, and zoom to fit menu items and shortcut keys
  • Multiple trigger regions can now be copied and pasted
  • Added option to set module colors in the Event Editor
  • Added ability to assign a name to sound modules by double-clicking on title
    tab in the deck
  • Added Sort by Name functionality to Audio Bin, Events Browser, Mixer Routing,
    Tag Browser and VCA Browser
  • Custom ordering is now possible in the Tag Browser and VCA Browser
  • Removing audio files that are referenced in sound modules now warns user
    and cleans up sound modules if deleted
  • The Submit dialog now remember the Submit and On Hold status of items
  • Added sidechain compression
  • Studio now supports migration of Designer’s Event 3D Cone properties to
    Angle parameter with automation curve on Master Track
  • Added ability to edit game parameter name and range
  • Added ability to open audio file in external program via Shift+W or context
    menu of selected single sound modules, audio files in audio bin or File menu
  • Crash reporter now appears as soon as application crashes and will reopen
    application afterwards
  • Added recent files menu item
  • Improvements to indication of selected items
  • Fixed issue that prevented custom sorting of items in the Audio Bin and
    Events Browser
  • Fixed issue where Studio was unable to load project if project is readonly
  • Fixed issue where audio files are not moved to project recycle bin on saving
    project if the audio files are readonly.
  • Fixed modulator tab not showing for nested event parameters
  • Fixed FMOD Delay effect delay buffer being cleared when changing delay time
  • Fixed selection of owner’s effects deck for the current automation tracks
  • Fixed native file menus hiding floating windows
  • Missing audio assets are now highlighted in red text in Audio Bin
  • The Submit dialog now expands the tree view by default and expands the branch
    on adding new items
  • Studio now set the module colors to match Designer when importing a Designer
  • Studio now migrates Sound Def name to sound module name when importing
    Designer project/workspace.
  • Added progress indicator when opening project files
  • Copying automation curve now flattens curve if destination units is not
    compatible with the source (e.g. dB to Hz) as well as constraining points of
    the curve if the destination effect parameter has a different range

I’m a teacher in music production and game audio and I’m looking forward to the final release.
Some questions:
Will Fmod Studio be available with a non-commercial license option? Any limitations?
Will Fmod Studio have support for VST and other audio-plugin formats?

I’m having trouble with multimodules (I’m on OSX 10.6 and Windows 7 64 bit)
There is no sound coming to the master out. It’s the same with nested events.

I was stopping the cursor in “the middle of the multimodule” (with spacebar), then “return to zero” (Return button). Then I was pressing play (Spacebar)
This still don’t gets any sound to master out.

Problem solved:
Let the cursor “play through” the whole multimodule, then return to start (with return) and press play (spacebar) OR place the cursor after the multimodule and then “return to zero” (Return). There is also possible to not stop the cursor in the middle of the multimodule instead just press Return to automatically return to zero and play from there.

I don’t think this is clearly written out in the manual, but maybee I missed it.

:smiley: /Patrik

new update - for the runtime

19/09/12 5.00.03 - Patch release

  • Fix panning issue introduced in 5.00.02
  • Fix possible crackling noises from mixer optimization in 5.00.02

for Studio

19/09/12 5.00.03 - Patch release

  • Added dry level parameter to FMOD Delay effect
  • Fixed crash when undoing the adding of an audio or return track while the
    track is selected
  • Fixed various crashes including when opening a workspace, creating a new
    workspace and reopening the first workspace again
  • Fixed issue with banks not being able to encode using Vorbis on Windows
  • Fixed issue with birds eye view not refreshing when a module is deleted
  • Fixed graphical glitch when tracks are added and removed in the multi-track
  • Fixed graphical glitch when tracks have long names
  • Fixed graphical glitch when resizing loop regions
  • Fix panning issue introduced in 5.00.02
  • Fixed automation not working when opening a workspace file

new update

For FMOD Studio tool:
28/09/12 5.00.04 - Patch release

  • Studio now pops up a message box notifying user of unsupported/invalid audio
    file(s) when dragged and dropped onto the Audio Track or Audio Bin
  • Fixed crash when trying to drag an audio file onto audio track if the audio
    file has previously been imported and deleted from the Audio Bin
  • Fixed project corruption when overwriting a different project on disk
  • Fixed bug in 3D panner where rolloff and envelopment buttons did not match
    panner’s internal state
  • 3D panner rolloff and envelopment modes will change for existing projects

For FMOD Studio API:
28/09/12 5.00.04 - Patch release

  • Add DSP::addSideChain and FMOD_DSP_STATE::sidechainbuffer to allow a DSP unit
    to support sidechaining from the output of another DSP.

! Studio API - Changed .bank file format - ALL BANKS MUST BE REBUILT

  • Studio API - Fixed Event::getParameter() and retrieving the name of a parameter
    via EventParameter::getInfo()
  • Studio API - Added version checking to bank loading, the runtime will
    return FMOD_ERR_FORMAT when attempting to load an old bank