Refresh all effects and volume sliders

Hi! There’s this game I’m working on, which uses one instance of FMOD. I have another FMOD project saved elsewhere which is my Work In Progress. When I try to connect this WIP to my built game, it doesn’t update the effects to what they should be, unless I refresh them all manually one by one (click bypass twice). Is there a way for the game to connect directly to my WIP file so I can test the new sounds quickly live?

A bug introduced FMOD Studio version 2.00.02 prevents changes from syncing when you begin a live update session. We’re currently working on a fix for this issue, and it will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

Hello, I was wondering if this issue was ever addressed in any of the newer versions of FMOD Studio. This has been impacting our iteration speed quite a bit while using Studio version 2, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

This issue was fixed in FMOD Studio version 2.00.03.

Hello again! I gave it a try recently and once again today on version 2.00.03 64-bit build #103912.
The same symptoms appear:

If I open only the FMOD project, everything works correctly, with the newest mix.
If I open only the test game build, it has some really old version of our mix that was built into it.
If I press connect to game in FMOD with localhost:9264, the correct mix from the FMOD project turns into the old mix from the game. I can however refresh the effects by clicking twice the bypass button but not all of them do something, like the very first fader for each sound doesn’t do anything since I can’t bypass it. It’s not usable at the moment, I can’t afford to go hunting for every single effect and knob that would be incorrect for every single sound.

Thank you in advance!

When you updated to FMOD Studiuo version 2.00.03, did you update the version of FMOD integrated into your game as well? The change that allows syncing on live update to work correctly requires both FMOD Studio and the FMOD Studio API to be of a version that includes the fix.

Is the “Synchronize changes upon connecting to game” checkbox checked in the “Interface” tab of FMOD Studio’s “Preferences” dialog? If not, check it.

Yep, that was it, updating the version of FMOD integrated in the game fixed it! Thank you very much for the help. I’m very excited to go back to work with the live update.