FMOD Studio JS Audio Table Support?

Hi, I’m testing the create programmer sound callback in fmodstudioL.js wasm 2.01.07. A sound ptr is successfully being created with queried audio table data, and all functions are returning FMOD.OK, but even after setting the sound and subsoundIndex parameters no sound is being produced.

Creating a programmer sound from a local midi file is working correctly, so this is why I thought it possibly might be a JS/HTML5 audio table support issue. Also my desktop implementation using the same calls in cpp is working fine as well.
I can share my code if needed.

Thank you for your help.

hi, have you tried the programmer_sound.js example in the studio_api examples folder?

I didn’t realize there were JS examples in here. Thank you, it’s a treasure trove.

One thing I missed was getting the subsound from the sound object. For some reason, just setting the subsoundIndex with the parent sound in the callback parameters worked in the fmodstudio dll.

Edit: It worked, thanks again.