Fmod studio poor performance

Hi, I recently installed Fmod Studio on my Imac.
For some reason it’s running very slowly, it feels like the program only updates every 0,5sec (actually just feels like framerate lag) and does not feel smooth at all. I think my computer should be able to handle Fmod Studio as it’s a brand new Imac. It also does not register all of my inputs, sometimes I have to press keys twice before the program responds.

Could the issue be that Fmod Studio does not have access to all of my computers resources?

We’ve not experienced any kind of lagging with our macOS machines. Are you able to provide a video of this slow loading happening and provide logs from ~/Library/Application Support/FMOD Studio?

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the response, I tried to attach the logs from Fmod Studio but I got a message saying: “New users can’t attach files”

So I uploaded them here:

Here’s a link to a screenrecording I made.

Thank you for the screen recording and logs. I’ve raised this as an issue in our bug tracker and we’ll take a look into it for a future release.

I think I’m having the same issue. It runs fine on my older 2013 i5 imac and is choppy and sluggish on my 2015 i7. One difference is I have Mojave version 10.14.5 on older (smoother running FMOD) and I have Mojave 10.14.6 on my newer iMac (slow, using 110% CPU on activity monitor). Not sure if that is the issue. Any info on this issue is appreciated!

The issue appears to be down to a third party framework that the FMOD Studio application uses. This will be fixed in a future release but it depends on how fast the third party moves with a fix.