FMod Studio running slower on Mac OS than on Win 7

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried running FMod Studio on different operating systems in the same machine and I’ve noticed that it runs way slower on Mac Os (version 10.8.5) than on Windows 7. Is this normal? Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

I’m using version 1.02.08, but I had the same issue with previous releases.

My machine is a Mid-2009 Macbook 2.13GHz, 4Gb Ram, NVidia GeForce 9400M

I have the same problem. If any sound is playing, the interface on a Mac becomes EXTREMELY slow. If I try to move a fader or a knob it refreshes probably slower than 1 fps. Plus you can hear all the “steps” in the automation rather than a smooth progression (volume for example).

It’s like Fmod Studio isn’t using the Fmod engine or something. :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Thanks for the heads up - and apologies! We are aware of the issue and unfortunately it isn’t a quick fix (the problem is down in the UI framework we use).

The good news is that the latest version of the framework performs much better and we’re hoping to switch to it within a month or so - for the 1.4 release.

My main development machine is Mac as well so I’m super keen for the upgrade. Please bear with us till then.

Thanks for the reply and the info. Cheers!

Nobody experiencing the same issue?