FMOD studio sluggish on a macbook pro

Lately I´ve been struggling with a sluggish fmod, especially during live connect, but often other times as well. It will freeze up and be unresponsive. disabling from live connect helps somewhat.

A person in another forum mentioned that it could be an issue with mouse input
“seemed it was a mac specific issue with his mouse of all things. Every time he moved the mouse performance tanked”

This could very well be my issue but not sure how to fix it, any help?

specs Macbook pro 2018 model, mojave, fmod studio 2.01.05

Unfortunately, we have not been able to reproduce this issue here, which suggests our test machines must differ from yours.

Have you tried switching to a different brand of mouse? Are you running any software whose behavior depends on mouse movement? Do you have any accessibility options enabled that change the way inputs are processed, or how output is displayed?

I use a few different mouses since this thread, and its still a problem. a fix I do is turn off live connect to do tweaks, and connect again to hear it, but its pretty tedious

As far as I can find, there is none of this that you are suggesting might be an issue Joseph! I do have daily issues with this, is there possible to schedule a call and a video share so I can show how it looks and how slow it works?

I’m afraid I simply haven’t been able to reproduce the problem, and as such, am unable to identify the cause or discover a workaround. As much as we would like to help, if we can’t reproduce a behavior, there is no way for us to investigate it.

According to our records, you don’t currently have a support agreement with us that includes live calls. If you want to purchase a license that includes this kind of support, please contact

However, if you want to send us a screen-captured video without a live call, you can do that without a support agreement. Just upload the video file to the uploads tab of your profile page.

Ok, thats fair :slight_smile:
I sent you a screen capture, it shows me trying to interact with fmod, and i try to click at each event the button hovers over. Im using a macbook pro, and use FMOD for various other projects, but without this problem

I’ve reviewed the video you sent us. Unfortunately, even when repeating the same kinds of actions that you performed in the video with an external mouse while live update was connected, I could not reproduce any unusual sluggishness in FMOD Studio.

It may be that there are additional conditions that must be met for the issue to occur. Can you verify whether the issue occurs with the examples project that ships with FMOD Studio, as well as with your own project?

Heya Joseph! after a lot of digging I found a post talking about this with another mac user, they suggested ticking off “low resolution” on the fmod application. that looks to have done the job :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear you were finally able to resolve the issue.

Thanks for the information about resolution being relevant. I’ll attempt to reproduce the issue here with a variety of resolution settings.