FMOD Studio - stop whole event after programmer sound ends.


Im trying to build a programmer sound event for voiceovers.
Main idea is that it should be radio brodcast with lot of glitches etc.
I have audiotable with different parts of voiceovers with different lenghts. Im using asynchronous programmer instrument to cut the event at right moment when the voice ends.
But I want to add in other track in this event a loop of noise / different noises through multi instrument.
And I need to stop event playing after the programmer instrument ends and not wait for the noise to end.

Is it possible in one event?

Thank you!

Hi Michal,

If you’re looking to stop the event once the programmer instrument has finished, there are two ways I can think of doing this.

In FMOD Studio, you can create a sidechain effect on the programmer instrument’s track. Then add a parameter to the event and add a sidechain modulator to this parameter. After connecting the sidechain effect to the sidechain parameter, you can adjust the settings of the sidechain modulator so that the parameter’s value is being driven by the volume of the programmer instrument. In essence, as long as the programmer instrument is producing audio, the parameter value should be above 0. You can then program a function to check if the parameter’s value is 0 and then call a stop on the event instance.

The second method is to use callbacks to know when the programmer sound has finished playing an audio file. The benefit of this method is that it will determine when the audio file has finished (FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_DESTROY_PROGRAMMER_SOUND or FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_SOUND_STOPPED), rather than if it has stopped producing audio (such as giving a dramatic pause). This takes a bit more time to set up.


Thank you!

Works perfectly! The sidechain modulator is amazing!

Take care,