FMod Studio Tutorial for UE 4 Video 3 Mismatch FMod Studio 1 and 2

Hi there, trying to wrap my head around the Fmod Studio for UE YouTube Tutorial.
So this is a noob question. This Tutorial is for Version 1 and I decided to go with Version 2.08, which is slightly different. Following the steps of this tutorial I am stuck at

The tutor scopes in the “environmenet/ambience” to the “Twister Mix” snapshot. This “environmenet/ambience” event is already routed into the Env Group.
However I am not able to replicate the steps because there is no “scope in” in the right click menue for “environmenet/ambience” event.

“Scope In” is available only for Groups.

Please help.

On the same note I strongly recommend to update the tutorials for Version 2 or at least add some subtitles, pointing out the differences between V1 and V 2.

You can’t scope event buses into a snapshot, only group and return buses. For this part of the tutorial, please create a group bus and route the event into this bus.

We are looking into updating tutorials and/or replacing them in future releases. Thank you for the feedback.