FMOD Studio with UE4


I’m considering using FMOD with the UE4 and I have a very basic (probably nooby) question: How does the UE4 plugin work? Does it bypass UE4 audio engine? (i’m looking at the official fmod/ue4-integration repo and i see no processing or even accessing audio data from UE engine). Does it mean that if I put both FMODAmbientSound and ordinary unreal’s AmbientSound onto the level I will get duplicated audio output?

Thanks in advance for the answers

FMOD works in parallel to UE4’s integrated audio. You can use both, if you want to. I wouldn’t personally use both, as I don’t think it’s very efficient :slight_smile: If you put the same audio asset into both audio systems then you are duplicating the assets, not FMOD/UE4.

That response is exactly correct, FMOD works independently to the inbuilt audio.