Packaged Xbox game, No UI sound or standard ue4 audio


So we are running our game on Xbox One using FMOD. The FMOD audio works just fine, but other audio using the default unreal stuff doesn’t work. For example, UI audio doesn’t play, and wav files that are placed in the levels do not play. They play in editor and on desktop, just not on the packaged xbox build. Any help?

What version’s are you using for UE4 and FMOD Studio Integration?

We’re using 4.16.3

What version of the FMOD UE4 Integration?


The fmod stuff is actually working. But im worried the plugin did something to the regular audio. The ui audio and narration in my game uses the default unreal engine audio stuff. But they arent working.

FMOD doesn’t do anything with the UE4 audio.
It is possible to disable UE4’s audio through platform specific ini files (eg. /Config/Windows/WindowsEngine.ini ). Let us know if you have any errors or warnings related to FMOD, otherwise check the project audio and platform settings.