FMOD Unity Real Time Paramater Changes

Hey you guys,

I’d like to listen to parameter changes in real-time (playing the scene) in unity via the “Initial Parameter Values” section. How could I go about doing this?

I’ve provided a video to best explain what I’m trying to do:

I appreciate your help!

*Also, sorry for the big grey box blocking the game-play visuals. Can’t share that content :frowning:

FMOD ver 1.09.04
Unity ver 5.6.1f1
Mac Pro 2008

The initial parameter values are only set each time the event is played.
Changing the parameters in real-time can easily be done in code.

You are able to get a ParameterInstance reference from an EventInstance and call setValue to update the parameters in real-time, see Triggering Parameter Changes for more info, or by using the StudioParameterTrigger script included with the Unity plugin.