Unity how to check if parameter is being changed?

Hi there I’ve set up an adaptive music system in unity and got some good results however one of the parameters ive set up doenst seem to trigger the transition region even though I’m using the same method for another parameter. I cant seem to figure out why, no null reference exception is being thrown and was hoping someone could shed light on exactly how I would go about seeing if the parameter was being affected at all in real time by the game. I havent had any experience with debugging fmod so far and cant seem to find much info on how I would investigate this parameter change instance further. Thanks

Hi Andrew,

You can use the Profiler to record how the event’s parameter changes over time. Record a new Profiler session (see: http://www.fmod.org/fmod-studio-features-profiler-introduction/) and click the Event track in the tracks view. In the deck (at the bottom) you can see the 3D view - clicking on the event instance in here will display the event’s parameters. You can see if this is being updated during game playback.

Failing that, you can use Studio::EventInstance::getParameterValue in order to pull the current value of the event parameter. You can use Debug.Log calls in your game code to pull both the parameter value and the function you are using to pass new values into it to ensure they are updating accordingly.


If you need more information, please let me know.


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