FMOD upgrade from 1.103 to 2.00 failure

Ive started on a project with a team and taking over from their old sound design team. I got access to their FMOD project and updated from 1.103 to the current version of 2.007. I then realized that their FMOD integration into the program is also the older version and therefore the sound banks do not work. I have tried to update the plugins folder with the newest version to match our project version with is Unreal 4.22. This causes the project to crash because the FMOD binaries have changed. Is there a way to change the integration without crashing or do i have to roll back my work to before i took over and start again with 1.103?

Have you tried upgrading the integration with the methods described in the docs?

If so, could you track down the log files from the crash - it might have some more information on what’s happening.

My programmer had to recompiled the project through Visual Studio and it fixed it by manually linking the dll files. The issue was because there was already integration through the previous version it broke the project when it tried to load it with a different version. So we had to fix it manually.