Live update issue with FMOD integration in Unity 3D

The live update doesn’t work for me.

Here are the error messages in FMOD:

Here is the error message in Unity console:

Here’s the version info:
FMOD: 2.01.11, 64bit, Build#118066
Unity: 2021.3.0f1
FMOD for Unity (integration tool downloaded from Unity Asset Store): 2.02.07

I googled “api version conflict between FMOD and Unity” but nothing came up. Would you please give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance!

This is because you’re using FMOD for Unity 2.02.07 but trying to connect it to FMOD Studio 2.01.11.

Please download and install the FMOD Studio application 2.02.07 to match your Unity integration for Live Update to work.

Hi Richard, thanks for the reminder!
One more question though, is fmod backward compatible?
I’m working on 2 different unity projects using different versions of Unity (2019 and 2021). Say I changed to 2.02.07, can I still use the fmod project that was previously in 2.01.11 (integrated in Unity 2019 lfs)?

FMOD Studio integrations are backwards/forward compatible between minor versions. So you can use any project version of 2.01 with any integration version of 2.01, or 2.02 project with 2.02 integration.

FMOD Studio integrations are backwards compatible with older version banks but not forwards compatible between major versions. So you can use a 2.01 project with 2.02 integration, but you cannot use a 2.02 project with a 2.01 integration.

Your setup of using 2.02.07 integration with 2.01.11 banks should work fine, but it is advisable to ensure all versions match to avoid inconsistent behaviour.

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