FMODAudiolink with Occlusion


I want to set my game’s VoIP sound into a FMODAudioLink Event.
But, I have no idea how I can set occlusion details of this FMODAudiolink.

It’s very serious problem to me.

I have 3 possible ways to make VoIP with FMOD.

  1. VoIP is thru UE5 audio and other game audio is thru FMOD - As for this way, VoIP’s every settings are very hard to sync with FMOD sounds - reverbs, attenuations etc.
  2. VoIP sounds are thru UE5 submix and this submix sends to FMODAudioLink, - unfortunately, this way can’t be a solution because, in this case UE spatilization is malfunction, every VoIP sounds are in the center position.
  3. VoIP’s attenuation has an attenuation, and this attenuation is send to FMODAudioLink, This FMOD Audio link is linked with a 3d Event. - Every Attenuation’s and reverb setts are very good. - BUT - Occlusion is not working.
    How can I fix up this?

Thanks for your patience, unfortunately at the moment there does not appear to be a way for the FMODAudioLink to make use of occlusion.

The way we normally handle occlusion is all done inside our FMODAudioComponent which the FMODAudioLink does not currently use.

I’ve raised a task to investigate this further and see what we can do for an upcoming release.

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