FMOD with Hololens

Hi, I’m fairly new to fmod integration. Does anyone have any experience with Hololens? Any snags or tricks that might save some time? Thank you! Any basic info would be helpful!

Our official stance regarding HoloLens is unsupported, that’s not to say our UWP build won’t work, but simply we have not tested it due to lack of hardware. Perhaps others in the community could share their experience here, I don’t see any technical reason why it wouldn’t work though.

Considering the performance characteristics of the hardware I would recommend using FADPCM compression for any sounds and limiting the use of DSP effects.

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I know this is an old thread, but for what it’s worth:

I just tried Fmod 1.09.06 on a HoloLens. Used the UWP build. It seems to run just fine. I haven’t done exhaustive testing, though. The sounds that I tried were working fine, except for one, which is a looped humming sound, it had constant crackling artifacts. I used Fmod Studio’s live update, which also works perfectly, to reduce the volume of the sound (it was at 0dB), at some point the crackling stopped. Of course, not what I want, now the sound is not as loud as I want, but well, just testing the tech for now :smiley:

I tried both 5.1 and Stereo, doesn’t seem to make a difference. I also tried Vorbis and FADPCM, didn’t hear a difference either. Can’t say anything about performance.

So, overall I would say it works pretty well.