Static/Noise bursts on 'Desktop' when using FADPCM or PCM, along with Vorbis


I was running a test on PC to see how much CPU load I could save by switching everything but music from Vorbis to FADPCM or PCM. So in ‘Preferences’ I have the ‘Desktop’ build set to FADPCM or PCM, and I have music set to vorbis via the Assets manager/Audio Bin. When I build/run the game, I get some sounds coming through as loud noise/static/distortion and others appear normal. With PCM, the problem is far worse. With FADPCM, I get intermittent bursts. I also seem to be getting unexpected sounds playing at times, as though the index of where each event is located is corrupted. I’m running Studio version 1.10.12.

Any ideas what might be causing this?


Would you be able to take a capture of the issue using Studio Profiler?
Once you have recorded a capture of your game please use the File -> Package Project feature of FMOD Studio, please include All metadata including “Profiler Sessions”, “Banks” and “Plugin-ins”. Then upload the package to