Following "Scripting Examples | Programmer Sounds" to play dialogues WAV files. it works, however i'm getting flooded with console error

i’m loading WAV files and it does get played. It would appear it is trying to go through all the format check despite it is just a WAV file. I suspect it leads to the warning at the end as well, although i’m not sure.

I could silence these errors with a hack, but not ideal obviously.

tutorial link:

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able reproduce the issue when loading a single WAV file on disk using the Programmer Sounds example script as is.

A few questions:

  • What version of FMOD for Unity are you using?
  • Are you explicitly loading a WAV file on disk, or WAV source assets that are bundled into an audio table?
  • Have you made any modifications to the example script, especially around sound creation in the event callback? If so, could you post the callback code here in its entirety?

The loading delay warning may be caused in part by the Codec checks, but it may also be caused by how large the source audio is, and how it’s being loaded.