fmod.log warnings

Hey there,

I’m working with FMOD Studio 10901 and Unity 5.5.0f3 and have at the moment following

In the fmod.log I’m getting hundreds of this warnings:

[WRN] PlaylistInstrumentInstance::startFullLengthHook : Attempting to schedule a sound in the past, this could cause inaccurate playback.

[WRN] PlaybackSystem::onDestroyEvent : Destroying event instance ‘205400’ due to event description {c81d63b4-dd90-4721-a331-91e394ddc5e0} unload

I think that’s the reason why I get later in the build version some kind of jitter or stutter effect for the audio.

In the unity editor it seems to run fine and the debug overlay shows good values:
CPU dsp = 5-10%, studio = 2-3%
MEMORY curr = 10, max = 17 MB
CHANNELS real = 20, total = 40

I’m using the right Integration Package for my FMOD Version.
My FMOD Settings in Unity:
Loading all event data at initialization is enabled
CHANNELS for editor and build: real = 32, virtual = 128

I have a master and several level banks. the master bank I want to keep always and the level banks I want load and unload on my own. I already tried to do all by my own and disabled “Loading all event data…” but this results that the “bus:/” could not be found. Even if I load the master, master.string and level bank correctly.

In the Unity project I’m working with the FMOD scripts (Emitter, Listener, …) and also with some own written scripts for example footsteps which are triggered by animation events.

Can someone plz explain me what this warnings mean and what I did wrong in my integration? Thx for your help.

Loading bank sample data should help with the “Attempting to schedule a sound in the past” warnings, this is normally a sign that the event hasn’t had enough time to load before it is started.

It appears that in Unity, OnApplicationPaused is fired at startup which can cause “bus:/ could not be found" if you are trying to load banks manually, I will create a task to fix this in a future release.

As long as the major version of the integration is the same as the Studio version, you can feel free to use a newer integration version.

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Hi Cameron,

thanks for your quick reply and sorry for my late late late response.

Loading bank sample data didn’t do the trick and it took me till now to figure out what seems to go wrong. Tough one :smiley:

If I use the scatter sound in an event, it will produce the warnings in the fmod.log.
It doesn’t make any difference if the event is 2D/ 3D, static or in motion or if I use only one or multiple instances at a time.

To eliminate that somehow loading banks on my own produces the failure, I’m now using only the master bank with “Loading all event data…”.

So I deleted all scatter sounds and work at the moment with FMOD Studio 10905 and don’t have warnings anymore.

I didn’t saw that there’s a fix in the release notes for 10906.

You already heard of problems with the scatter sound?


If any of the sounds in the scatter event are set to streaming, then loading sample data has no affect. It will use a bit more memory but will be much faster to load and play the sound.

There’re only non streaming assets in the scatter sound module. Tried it with and without the loading sample data. Still get the warnings in the fmod.log.
I made a new fmod and unity project to test if there’s any problem with my current one.
Now I only have a listener and a fmod emitter with scatter sound. Still getting the warnings “[WRN] PlaylistInstrumentInstance::startFullLengthHook : Attempting to schedule a sound in the past, this could cause inaccurate playback”.
How bad is that warning? Could I ignore it or will I get problems on some point when running the game.


As long as the warnings aren’t being spammed it won’t be an issue. It is just letting you know that the initial start time of the event may have been delayed.

We will continue to look into the issue.

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