Footsteps in 2.0

I was following the Viking Village tutorial, and downloaded the updated footsteps script form last year, and also updated the textures per the first comment on that video… so everything works… BUT… the footsteps only play when wood == 1 and even then it plays them all at the same time, wood, dirt, sand, and water… I know I have the parameters set up correctly in FMOD because I can see each level attenuate when I work that tracks parameter, and only that track changes with that tracks parameters.

That script may be the problem, I’m not sure, but since there’s a ton of posts surrounding getting footsteps to work in that tutorial, I’d rather try something from scratch.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to trigger parameters from code, and how to detect what I’m standing on? Video preferable, but will take any help…


Information on how to set the values of parameters from code can be found in the FMOD API User Guide.

It is strange that you hear every possible parameter value playing at once. A parameter instance can only have one value at a time, so I suspect that either your code is setting the value of the event instance’s parameter far too frequently, or that your code is creating multiple instances of the footstep event and setting the parameter value of each instance differently.