Gain? Limiter? Expander? automatic ducking or gain on my Master bus

I am new to FMOD so if this is commen sense… but… it seems like if i play a sound there is some sort of automatic gain or something? Like i have a electric fence, if i stand by it and start the game in that spot its very loud… but if i move awy it gets quieter, but if i go back to it, its not as loud… then about 30 seconds later, its loud again… almost like an ‘automatic’ limiter or gain is happening.

likewise, i can be standing by this electric fence and its loud and i shoot a gun, it instantly gets quieter to compensate for the gun sound (like ducking)… then after 30 seconds or so its loud again… where should I look for any ideas? is this just normal behavior of FMOD engine in unity? any more info needed? thanks!~


There are a couple of things that could be going on. Could I get a screenshot of the event and what effects you have on it? Something like this:

Event Screenshot

As there are some effects that could be causing the fading behavior. The ducking you may be due to hitting a loudness wall but I’ll need some more info.

I seem to have figured it out by just reducing some of the volumes on the sound. I have no effects on it… just a looping electric fence hum like the stock sound FX you’d find for that type of thing. I had a sound overlap where there were 4 or 5 emitters down the fence every 10 units, and they had like a 20unit drop off so as i would move around i’d get more and more of the same sound overlapping and causing some loudness issues, by reducing that fallout and also the main sounds its much lower and it doesn’t seem to duck anymore when I run other things in the game.

thanks for the info.

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