Game freeze on exit/during gameplay

Getting a game freeze that causes the game to hang indefinetly. Seems to come from Opus Packet Resizer and shows FMOD, i know the Opus packet resizer is used in UE4 audio systems. Any light can be shed on why this is happening?

FMOD doesn’t make any calls to Opus API, the image appears to show a list of unrelated functions which call WaitForSingleObject. Do you have any other info that leads you to believe the freeze is because of FMOD?
Are you able to reproduce the freeze in a simple test we can debug?

I can’t reproduce it, but the only audio we use in the game is FMOD and when it happens the player reports a massive loud noise that is ubearable with headphones on. I did research into Opus (as i had never heard or used it before), and its a audio codec of some sort. Which will explain the players hearing a really sharp noise before it freezes. I wen’t through our entire game code, and the only audio stuff we have running is FMod. Unless the engine is doing audio somewhere else.

I can assure you there is no use of the Opus repacketizer in FMOD. It’s possible you have audio from videos or voice chat being handled by the platform built-in audio. If you aren’t using any of these things I suggest disabling the built-in audio to rule it out completely.

Can you share the callstack where the freeze occurs?