Gapless Grain Player and The Scatterer / Fmod Designer Importing to Studio

Back in 2014 we shipped a game in on the Wii U using FMOD Designer (4.44.39) using a gapless grain player for all rolling sounds. Worked absolutely killer but wasn’t so intuitive so I made a lengthy post on the fmod forums. The images have since disapeared but if anyone’s interested, here it is:
Fmod Designer Gapless Grain Player circa 2014

When Importing the project into Fmod Studio 2.00.10 these events are now converted to Scatterer Instruments but they are not gapless - as the minimum spawn interval is 10ms (and cannot be made 0ms). Using a polyphony of 2 plays two sounds on top of each other and is undesirable :frowning:

How can this gapless grain player be made to work in Studio?

1000 thanks


Hi YannEA,

If you replaced the scatterer with a multi instrument and moved the instruments in the scatterer over to the multi instrument, would that achieve the effect you are looking for?

I’m not sure I’m picturing the effect you are looking to achieve correctly, but for playing instruments back to back, the multi-instrument is designed to achieve that.

If you use a Multi-Sound module and set the playlist to Loop, it will gaplessly daisy chain one sample after another in random order, with no polyphony (just a chain of samples one after another). Would this be what you’d like to achieve?

Yes! That would be perfect.
Thank you

PS If anyone would like to hear and see the original grain player in action, here is a link

Cool foley prop there, that wheel roller thingy. Really useful.

BTW, FMOD Studio can handle pretty short grains. I’ve used Reaper to slice weapon handling rattle into very short samples (0.05 - 0.1 sec in length) and loading those into a Multi-Sound randomized playlist, and they get gaplessly daisy chained. It’s a fun trick if you want continuous variation to a loop. But such short snips work best with sounds that have more transients (like rattling), rolling has slower evolving parts in it that may end up sounding stuttery and cut out if you shorten the grains too much.