Randomized interval between single instruments


I would like to play random sounds with random intervals between them.

I like the features of the scatterer, especially the random pitch and random vol. In my case the playlist sounds are not of similar length. Some of them are 20sec others are 5sec long. Unfortunately Min & Max Spawn Interval acts from the START of one instrument to the START of the next. I thought it’s the interval between the END of one instrument and the START of the next. I’m new to FMOD and I wonder what would be a use case for the current implementation and how to achieve the alternative - defining a random gap between two instruments.


There’s unfortunately no way to do this directly, but there’s a workaround. However it won’t work with the scatterer, you’d need to use the multi instrument instead. The good thing is that the multi also has the random volume and pitch setting.
Here’s the workaround. You’d need basically to put a multi inside another multi. You will have to create a parent multi with that exact settings, containing 2 elements: the multi containing the playlist, and a silence instrument (with its duration randomized). “Async” setting not mandatory, depending of the context.


Hello Alcibiade,

thanks for the explanation. Your solution worked quite well!

I found the random modulation features, too. Attaching for others who might end up on this page and are new to FMOD.

Just for completeness. Could you give an example when the scatterer’s min/max spawn interval is useful?

It has lots of uses. Check the “Ambiance” folder in the Exemples project, to have some exemples.

Will do. It took me two days searching around for a solution to the above problem. Thanks again!