getMinMaxDistance retrieves incorrect values


After upgrade to 2.02 EventDescription::getMaximumDistancs was replaced with EventDescription::getMinMaxDistance. However getMinMaxDistance sets my variables always to 0. This was working with getMaximumDistancs. I also tried EventInstance::getMinMaxDistance with no success again, it sets variables to -1. I’m using UE4.27

Hi dvdvdv,

Have you also upgraded your banks to 2.02? We changed min/max distance to be event properties, so that the spatializers obtain their min/max distance from the event rather than the other way around (with the option to override the event values in special cases).

We do have a fix coming shortly to get EventDescription::getMinMaxDistance to have the old behaviour for banks built prior to 2.02 as well.

I asked our sound artist about this and he reported banks were already upgraded at the time I posted to this forum. Since then he exported whole project few times.Today I tested project again and I was getting correct values. I’m not sure what caused or fixed the issue.

Maybe something got missed in the upgrade previously? At any rate, glad to hear it is now working.