getParameterByIndex changed in new release


I upgraded from 1.01.07 to 1.01.11 and my parameters are mixed up.

I use “getParameterByIndex” so my sound designer can give whatever name he wants to the parameter. This works fine… however, in the last release, the parameter index does not follow the order in FMOD Studio anymore!

Are you aware of this??



Unfortunately the getParameterByIndex API was not designed with this use case in mind. It is intended to be used in combination with getParameterCount to enumerate the parameters in an event. Older versions of the tool only supported your use case by accident, and it wouldn’t have worked in some cases (for example, re-ordering the parameters by dragging the tabs in the UI would not have changed the order in the runtime). We recommend you use the getParameter API, and implement a consistent naming convention for your parameters.

Allright! Good to know, thanks.