Re-indexing when adding parameters to an event

Hi! I’ve been using the FMOD Unity Integration with FMOD Studio 1.09 and Unity 5.4 and everything has been going swimmingly for the most part. However, it seems that whenever I add new parameters to an event in FMOD Studio and then build, the parameter indexes don’t match up with the names.

I’ve verified this by printing the EventInstance.getParameterValue() output for each parameter, and noticing that the values don’t match up with the proper names. However, everything works fine after deleting the GameObject, creating a new one, and re-attaching the “FMOD Studio Event Emitter” script to it.

I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing with regards to building from FMOD Studio? Or perhaps this is a bug on Unity’s end?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
We are currently investigating this and will get back to soon.

What version of the FMOD Unity integration and Studio are you using?
Are you noticing this when using the FMODStudioEventEmitter script or when using your own?

The parameters in the event are stored and sorted by their ID (guid) from Studio. This means when adding parameters the index of each parameter may change, but the values for that parameter should match.

I’m on v1.09.06 for both FMOD Studio and FMOD Unity Integration, and yeah I’m noticing it when using the FMODStudioEventEmitter script, particularly when calling SetParameter. I’ll try to see if I can reproduce the issue more reliably. Thanks!