Gettin started with kartin tutorial


Reached ‘3.6 Adding Sounds: Music’ with a few errors on console (unable to load dialogues, and could not get FMOD system after restart), but i got correct sounds of kart and city. But when tryin to create a new event, by right clickin on music in FMOD studio, there’s nothin more to select, no new 2D timeline or else, just creatin a new tab/event…

Any help?


We are currently working on updating our documentation.

The option to add a 2D with a timeline is now under `Event Defaults > 2D Timeline"

This will create the same event as shown in the tutorial.

Hope this helps!

Solve it. Cheers!

Sry, but i don’t have the ‘show on explorer’ option right clickin on the music mp3. Tried to drag an mp3 file directly from my drive, but that doesn’t work… What am i missin please?

Which step are you referring to that you are having trouble with?

3.6 Adding Sounds: Music, part 5. Got no ‘show on explorer’ option with right click on music asset, and i cannot drag any mp3 file to the FMOD Studio event editor window, dropping it over the body of the Audio 1 track in the editor pane to create an instrument.

Is it possible to get a screenshot of what you are seeing when you are right-clicking the Music object in the Unity Project window like this:

What error are you getting when trying to drop the mp3 onto the event?

How do you manage to take a screenshot with this menu displayed? I cannot. If displayed, the key won’t take the screenshot, and as soon as i press a a key or click elsewhere, the menu disapear… But it’s the same menu, apart from the absence of ‘show in explorer’. Can only show you the screenshot without the menu…

And the mp3 files simply won’t enter the timeline, they’re just gettin back to their folder in my music directory.

What operating system are you using?

For Windows: on the music file Right click > Show in Explorer
For macOS: on the music file Command-click > Show in Finder
For Linux: on the music file Right click > Open Containing Folder

For adding files there is another method: File > Import Assets which will open an operating-specific file picker. Navigate to the folder containing the Music file and import it. This will add the file to your Asset Browser:
Which you should then be able to drag and drop onto your event:

And the drag the instrument all the way left to the start of the timeline.

Hope this helps!

Yep, openin container on linux… Okokok, worked by importin the asset in FMOD. Dunno why i cannot drag the mp3 from elsewhere.


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No worries!
That is interesting, I was able to drag and drop the folders in Linux. Would it be possible to get a video when you try to do so?

Dunno how to make a video on my desktop. If you could tell of a simple way on linux, eh.

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That’s all good.