Getting levels of individual tracks from single event?


I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to get the output level of each individual track from an event? I’m using Unity + FMOD 2.00.08 but it should not matter since it’s more of an API issue for me.

I’ve managed to get a level from the master channel group using dsp + meteringInfo. But it’s only a single channelGroup (eventInstance.getChannelGroup(group)) and it’s not something that is suitable for me.

I’m making a game where environment reacts to each individual music track: kick, snare, bass etc. and so i want to process the output levels of each individual track. Is that achievable at all?

I’ve been messing with routing but with no success. I still can’t get the level of different busses.

Try to use sidechain from individual tracks to parameters ( one for each channel). Than you can get this parameters in you game.

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i will try that and reply with the results then!

You should be able to do a similar thing with individual channels from the channelgroup using:

I tried getting individual channels using getNumChannels and getChannel, but i get 0 numChannels if i do something like
eventInstance.getChannelGroup(out group);
group.getNumChannels(out numChannels);

I was able to get the levels by setting each parameter to modulate by sidechain from each individual track and then access those parameters by using
eventInstance.getParameterByName(name, out value, out finalValue)

The strange thing is that “value” always outputs 0, and “finalValue” outputs actual value modulated by sidechain. But still, it is a working solution for me since now i can properly loop music in a single event and get each individual track’s level

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