Using TouchOSC or other app from iPad to control fmod


I want to use my iPad to control fmod as a control surface. I can’t make it work with TouchOSC, using the LogicPad layout, which I believe uses the Mackie Control Protocol. Any suggestions to make it work, or any other app that will work with an iPad?



The Mackie Control Protocol uses MIDI commands, not OSC messages; as far as I can tell, the LogicPad layout that ships with TouchOSC only sends OSC messages. I can confirm that by setting TouchOSC controls to use the correct MIDI mappings, you can use it to control FMOD Studio - for example, a fader that sends a pitch bend to channel 9 using the fader’s x value with a scale of 0-16384 correctly controls FMOD Studio’s master fader. However, I’m unsure whether any of the TouchOSC examples have the correct mappings.

If you don’t want to set up all the bindings yourself, from a cursory investigation TouchMCU may be what you’re looking for.

Thanks @Louis_FMOD . Indeed, that was the problem, and also the solution I came with. Thanks!
I have another question: is it possible to also control parameters from a control surface? It would make “jamming” with parameters very easy and try out different combinations of parameters for mixing.

It is possible, yes. On a Mackie controller, one can swap to parameter values using the “VPot Assign” button “Instrument”, which I believe is also called “Dyn”, and then adjust the parameter value using the VPots. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact MIDI commands that these use, so I would recommend seeing whether you can find any documentation on MIDI control mapping for Mackie Control surfaces online, and testing them in TouchOSC.

OK, I’ve found it in that template in OSC! It’s the “PG >” button. Then you can click “flip” to switch it to the faders.

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