Getting the Metering Info of a specific bus/sound when volume set to 0?

I’m using the metering info of my dialogue as values in the animation of my characters. The problem I have is that I want the user to be able to mute the dialogue if they want and still get this animation, but if I turn the sound down I don’t get the output levels. I’ve tried setting up the dialogue on a bus that then routes to a second bus like this.

In the mixer it is showing the output levels of the Higgs bus even though the Dialogue bus is turned down and I can’t hear the sound. I’ve tried getting that info like this.

        FMOD.Studio.Bus playerBus = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.GetBus("bus:/Dialogue/Higgs");
        FMOD.ChannelGroup playerGroup;
        playerBus.getChannelGroup(out playerGroup);
        FMOD.DSP playerdsp;
        playerGroup.getDSP(0, out playerdsp);
        playerdsp.setMeteringEnabled(true, true);
        FMOD.DSP_METERING_INFO playerLevel;
        playerdsp.getMeteringInfo(new IntPtr(), out playerLevel);
        float playerOutput = playerLevel.peaklevel[0] + playerLevel.peaklevel[1];
        Player.talkAmount = playerOutput * 3;

It works fine with the Dialogue bus turned up, but I get nothing when it’s tuned down. I would assume that when I use getMeteringInfo I need the input not the output (since that’s the one that shows data on the mixer), but when I do that like this

        playerdsp.getMeteringInfo(out playerLevel, new IntPtr());

I get nothing even when the sound is turned up.

Can anyone please help me with this. Am I even in the right area. Is there any way at all I can achieve this?

You can create sub bus inside your current bus. You’ll mute the upper one, and get levels from lower one which should be active all the time. Hope i get your idea right and this will help

That’s what I’ve been trying to do, but can’t get it to work. I still get no output when the upper one is turned down. Maybe it’s my code or something. All supplied in my original post.

Is it something to do with getting the DSP info from a channel group. I’ve tried getting it from the bus directly and an individual channel, but don’t seem to be able to. I don’t even fully understand what a channel group is, or what that’s doing (I’ve looked), but can’t find any other way of it working.

When you call getDSP with index zero it will use the fader.

Before any DSPs have been added, the head, tail and fader will all be the same unit.

You could add an FMOD Gain DSP pre-fader, that has been set to zero, to use for accessing the metering information.