Transition timeline time signature / tempo are incorrect

I am unable to form my transitions correctly because transition timelines are not using the tempo I’ve specified. How do I ensure my transition timeline is using a specified tempo/time sig?

Steps to repro:

  • Create a new 2D event
  • Add a tempo marker at the start of the timeline: “190 7/4”
  • Create a transition region. I added this right at measure 5.

The transition timeline is in 4/4 and 120 bpm. I believe it’s just using default settings, but it means I can’t sync up my audio perfectly.

It’s a bit finnicky and I haven’t figured out exactly how this repros; on my main project I found that sometimes a transition region that was previously fine (7/4, 190bpm) started displaying incorrectly again. Of course now I don’t dare touch anything because there’s no snapping to align things.

Any help is appreciated.

FMOD Studio 1.10.01 64-bit build #91339

I believe this is a bug in FMOD Studio. I found a workaround: when the transition timeline is incorrect like this, move a previous tempo marker in the timeline and the transition timeline will update.

This is a known bug introduced in FMOD Studio version 1.10.00. It has since been fixed, and the fix will be released as part of FMOD Studio version 1.10.02.