Group Parameter Control

I am currently in the process of creating an event to control multiple layers that are dependent on the players location or state. The goal here is to have a single piece of music (per major area) that adapts to whatever environment the player is in. The best solution I have come up with so far is to automate track volume using parameters so that the programmer can simply change the values based on player state. There will be 4 main states that will require track layers to be turned on, off, or reduced in volume.

For example:

When ‘Outside’

  • outside = 0 (full volume)
  • inside = 2 (off)
  • percussion = 0 (full volume)
  • bass = 0 (full volume)

When ‘Inside’

  • outside = 2 (fade to off)
  • inside = 0 (fade to full volume)
  • percussion = 1 (half volume)
  • bass = 1 (half volume)

There will also be states for night time and underwater that would require creating and changing additional parameters. Is there a more efficient way to control multiple parameters at once? Is it possible to group them into a single parameter? Also, could a similar effect be achieved by using nested events or snapshots?

Hi Luke,

If you make the current event an event instrument then you can automate the parameters of that referenced event by another parameter.

For example: You can drag this music event onto a new event, create two new parameters - one for “Outside” and one for “Inside”. You can then group the parameters of the music event to these new two parameters.

Please note that automating the same parameter by the two new parameters will make the value a sum of the two parameters. For example, with the “percussion” parameter, trying to automate it to be 1 with “Inside” and 0 with “Outside” can result it to be 0.5. You’ll need to adjust the parameter values or automation curves to work as you expect it to.


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Hey Richard,

Thanks for the answer, this is exactly what I was looking for.