User Created Params Automation


Is it possible to automate a user created parameter along the timeline?

In the same way you can automate the volume of an audio track inside an event.

The idea is to have the audio make an effect on several aspects of my game, according to parameters automated along the audio track.
Right now we can do the opposite, we can change an fmod parameter from inside the game (from unity for example) and make this affect the audio. I want it to be both ways.

Is it possible?

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Yes and no.

At present, there is no way you can directly automate one parameter of an event by another parameter of the same event. (We do plan to implement that feature, but there are some technical hurdles we have to overcome first.)

You can, however, automate the parameters of an event sound module or event reference sound module on the timeline (or other parameter) of its parent event; As long as the event (reference) sound module’s trigger region is at the zero position of the parent event, the effect should be identical to automating an event’s parameter by the timeline of that same event. (Note, however, that logic markers on the timeline of either event will have their usual effect on the movement of the timeline cursor.)

Alternatively, if you add to your event an audio track whose pre-fader output linearly increases as time progresses but whose fader is set to -oo dB, you can use that track to control a Sidechain modulator on one of the same event’s parameters. This method does have its limits, however, so I advice against implementing it unless it’s really your only option.

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I can’t seem to figure out how to control sidechain modulator on a parameter, everything i do has no effect on the knob. Is the method it still working or is there other way now? I can’t find any documentation or tutorial on that feature. Can you direct me where I can see how it should work?

Looking at your other recent post, I suspect you’ve not assigned any inputs to the sidechain modulator - create a sidechain on the track you wish to use for control purposes, and then set your parameter’s sidechain modulator to use that sidechain as an input. (I last explained how to set up sidechain modulation here:

Thanks for your answer Joseph,

I’ve been able to automate an event sound parameter from its parent event as shown in the images below:

Event Sound timeline (where you can see its “MyParameter” parameter)
event sound timeline with its parameter

Parent’s Timeline with the automation

So, great, with this workaround we can automate a user created parameter, but now for the next step my question is: can i get this parameter info from outside fmod?
Or is there at least some way to connect the event sound parameter to a user created parameter on the parent’s event? (so that the parent’s parameter gets updated with the same values of the event sound parameter) since we CAN get that parameter’s info from outside fmod.

Ah, that’s what you meant by audio making an effect on your game. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the parameter values of a nested event at this time; You’ll have to use the other method I described, or control your events’ parameter values through game code instead of via timeline automation.

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